Monday, April 27, 2009

Procrastination Fever

I took a big step today. I successfully made a doctor's appointment. I answered several questions about my current health, insurance plan, and reasons for making the appointment. The whole thing took about ten minutes. I feel great.

Is it sad yet sort of hilarious that it's taken me so long to take this leap? Absolutely. What is my deal? I have no idea. I gave myself the assignment of scheduling a doctor's appointment last Monday. Last Monday. My goal is to blog about doing something new every week, writing a before post and an after post. And this week, with pretty much the quickest, most tedious task possible, it took me the entire seven days. Except last Monday to today is actually a week plus a day, so make that eight. And if it weren't for me knowing that the few people who read my blog were going to hold me accountable for my doctor's appointment promise, I'm sure it would have taken me even longer still.

In my defense (if I dare), I did spend a chunk of my week in Florida on business. God forbid that I place my phone call to Northwestern Memorial Hospital from Orlando instead of Chicago, though I'm not sure what difference it actually makes. No, I think I should stop making excuses and go ahead and acknowledge my general tendency for extreme procrastination when it comes to unpleasant, seemingly non-urgent tasks. Certain things simply need to be done, so I should just put my head down and go through with it.

Experiences like the one I had today are encouraging. The person I was dealing with was very kind and helpful - the process was painless. Perhaps I should use this momentum to tackle one of the many other tasks I've been putting off for way too long, but I'd rather just lay back and enjoy the small victory.

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  1. Good for you! Even though making the appointment was an easy task, all those years you put it off might have made actually doing it more difficult. But, bottom line, you did it! Bask in the accomplishment. :)